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Our Partners and Friends

Where would we be without our partners and friends?  Legacy Landscaping is proud of the relationships we've built.  Please visit one of our partnering companies listed below.  Interested in partnering with Legacy landscaping on your project?  Use our contact form to reach out!


You've invested in your landscaping.  Why not keep it looking its best?  To offer lawn and sprinkler system care and maintenance, Legacy Landscaping partners with Lechman Lawn Service to help our customers maintain that dream look.   From weekly mowing ,clean up, sprinkler blow outs and maintenance to snow removal- Lechman Lawn Service has your property covered!

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Stinger Solutions offers welding and fabrication services.  Often partnering with Legacy Landscaping, they are the craftsmen behind many of our gate, rail, enclosure and fencing projects.  

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Your property is looking great!  Now it's time to celebrate the hard work and planning with a thick, juicy steak or burger!  Maybe your company is planning an event and prime rib should be on the menu.  Our friends at Legacy Meats have a great selection of gourmet quality beef at affordable prices.  Legacy Meats offers retail and wholesale pricing.  

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